Nigerian Men Personality Characteristics: What To Anticipate Whenever Dating A Nigerian Guy


They state that “Women would be the many complicated beings on the planet,” but how about males, specially Nigerian men? Understanding something may be the first rung on the ladder in getting to learn how exactly to work I think the same thing applies to humans, and in this case men with it.

There are lots of adjectives that can easily be utilized to explain the typical Nigerian man; terms like comical, hardworking, strong-willed, usually irritating, domineering, severe, and blandishing are of these terms.

From the comfort of if they got birth to, Nigerian men have now been instilled aided by the basic belief that they’ve been alpha beings and live to show that belief.

Though you will find stereotypes, generalizing or placing all Nigerian guys into a class that is single never be reasonable, and hence, there was a need to understand them physically or at the very least according to their tribes.

This informative article just isn’t supposed to be an expert on understanding men that are nigerian nonetheless it attempts to offer an angle in regards to what you (as a girl) should expect whenever dating a Nigerian Igbo or Yoruba guy.

Almost all Nigerian males pride from the foods that are traditional.

You really must have heard the old saying that how you can a heart that is man’s through their belly. It is most likely true with many Nigerian males as they don’t want to joke with meals, particularly the old-fashioned meals like fufu, amala, pounded yam, and egusi soup. Therefore, in the event that you don’t know if you are dating a Nigerian man – whether Igbo or Yoruba – you need to be a good cook or at least learn how to cook.

Recognize that most men that are nigerian soccer enthusiasts.

It really is nearly uncommon you run into a Nigerian man would you perhaps not take a liking to football, We repeat “almost rare.” therefore, you must be prepared to set up along with his love when it comes to “beautiful game. in the event that you want to date a Nigerian man, aside from their tribal affiliations now,”

Every Nigerian guy commands and demands respect.

If you should be a pro-feminist you may find it hard dating a typical Nigerian man. It is because to the fact that Nigerian culture – regardless of tribe – accords a great deal respect for the gender that is male. The Nigerian man is constantly viewed as the pinnacle associated with household, their viewpoint supersedes that of their spouse. Therefore, you’ll want the respect that is same your guy if you need your relationship to go anywhere.

Nigerian men can come off as being emotionally insensitive.

You don’t have actually to be astonished whenever a man that is nigerian you might be dating does not react to your feelings. Although some will state it’s strange, the fact is that many males, not merely Nigerians right here, are wired in this manner: they hardly ever allow their thoughts out talk less of enabling it obtain the better of these.

Don’t anticipate PDA from a man that is nigerian.

This will be on the basis of the point that is last it’s still considered unconventional for Nigerians to show their love within the public. So, don’t be surprised if your Nigerian man forgets to kiss you goodbye after taking place a night out together

Nigerian males are loving and protective of the partners.

While A nigerian man requires their respect and hardly ever gets emotional, it does not imply that he will not worry about his partner. Contrary to everything you may think, Nigerian guys, are lovable and love their lovers up to on their own (mention the command that is biblical love).

You will need to respect their household.

The average man that is nigerian allegiance to their household and that means you want to respect the people in their household. Within the Igbo tradition, a man kiddies are bred aided by the belief that they must focus on the household once they mature. Being a total outcome, Igbo men hold their loved ones in high esteem, maybe much more than their lovers.

Nigerian males are hustlers.

Yes, Igbo guys pride by themselves among the most hard working folks on our planet. If it is a petty company or even a white collar task, a Nigerian man always makes certain that he sets in the finest in it. What this means is as he probably might be thinking of his business that you should not be surprised when a Nigerian man forgets to call you

Nigerian guys want to sweet talk.

Then that award should go to the Nigerian man if there is an award for the best men in the art of flattery. Some body once posted online that “Nigerian males constantly know very well what to state in almost every situation.” You could get him flirting with another woman but just before are done accusing him, he should have offered you one hundred plus one reasoned explanations why your accusation is incorrect or he had been doing something different.

Yoruba males hate sluggish ladies.

It the main Yoruba tradition for the girl to deal with the household, failure to do this as a girl paints you as a girl woman. Therefore, that you have inherited or learned the virtue of diligence before you decide to date that Yoruba man, make sure.

Nigerian men don’t like loud-mouthed women.

If you should be a female that wants to talk just before think thereby causing chaos together with your lips or you just don’t understand how to stop making offensive responses together with your lips, you will need to remain far from Nigerian males. While this might not suggest any such thing to foreigners, it’s quite common for an Igbo guy or even a Yoruba man to guage their partner (or spouse that is would-be by their utterances. Then there is no point bringing you home to meet their family if they find you loud-mouthed.

Nigeria males rarely renege to their term.

Both the Igbo and Yoruba guys are recognized due to their faithfulness on claims. Even though there are bound become detractors, many Nigerian males tend to help keep with their term.

Nigerian men are easygoing.

To express that Nigerians are friendly is, as you would expect, they’ve been amiable. You can begin a friendship up or a relationship having a Nigerian without the hassles.

He cherishes their mother.

This will be such as a extension towards the point of getting respect for their household. A nigerian guy has been raised by their mother to think that he is responsible for everything and most likely everybody else, except his or her own mom. A typical Nigerian adores his mother, sometimes significantly more than their partner, specially him very well while growing up if she treated. Therefore, as he visits his mom more than you don’t get upset because it’s in his nature; just pray he does not continue like that if he ultimately marries you.